Dear Members,

To all members of Cardinal Lake, we are still in a PANDEMIC. Thanks for using the disinfectants down at the lake and the pool gates as we continue to battle the spread of COVID-19. But as we near the 4th of July weekend, we are very concerned about the amount of people who will be coming thru the gates.

So the Board has decided that the 4th of July will be available to MEMBERS ONLY. This will include the entire gated area for the entire day.


We will be staffing gate greeters to enforce the rules. If you insist upon bringing family or friends, they will be turned away. Please make other arrangements with your guests that do not include the gated area or pool.

The security and safety of our members, who pay for our beautiful property, is our top priority on this busy day.

Thanks in advance for understanding. Stay safe and be careful out there.

Your CLCA Board


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