Dear Members,

I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and happy. I wanted to take a moment and address the community on our current state of affairs; however, first I would like to thank you all on behalf of the new board for voting us in. Myself as President, Kim Leniar as Secretary, Clink Cook as VP of Membership and Kathy Bozard as VP of Maintenance and Beautification all look forward to serving our community. While we’ve been acting in the capacity of our roles since the beginning of the year, we do appreciate your support in approving our positions. This is an amazing neighborhood to be a part of and we will work to act in the best interest of the association to seek continued improvement and enjoyment of our community.

Administratively I’m working to make a few changes internally as we manage the association. Accountability of the board, legal protection for the community and financial responsibility of our management company are top priorities of mine. While there are no pending threats or any mismanagement, I believe we can always improve upon procedure and culpability. I’m excited to be working with my good friend Kim Leniar as Secretary. Her attention to detail and work ethic are second to none and she is providing great support as she oversees the clerical responsibilities of the board.

Financial Outlook
As we look at the financial security of the association, I think we are in the healthiest position we’ve been in for a long time. Currently all outstanding contracts and invoices are paid, and our planned events and maintenance activities have all come in under the budget we allocated for. Our accounts are currently running at a 23% increase year to date with more revenue opportunities to come. As member dues are our primary source of income, the collection of dues and the addition of new members is a significant task. With Clint Cook signing up new members our number continue to grow. We welcome these new members and look forward to getting to know them. Currently we are negotiating a small deal with Paramount Pictures to use our facilities for a movie they are shooting and, aside from a neat opportunity for some exposure to our community, this will generate some money for us as well. The board is also exploring a potential sale of land that would realize an immediate and a long-term income stream for the association. However, the board will be presenting this to all members to vote on before any action takes place. Also, we have decided to resume clubhouse rentals, in 2019 that produced $4000 dollars in rental fees, so we hope to see some growth there this year as well. With Venita Kilian’s guidance and the support our management group gives us our community is in great hands.

Social Events
Navigating the challenges COVID 19 presented last year many of our social events were unfortunately cancelled. While trying to still be safe and smart this year we’re starting to see many of those events come back. The first event of the year was the annual Bass Fishing Tournament which Billy Hahn did a fantastic job arranging. With 12 boats in the water and $200 dollars given to the community it was a great day to be on the lake. Following that we held our annual Beach Cleanup coordinated by Kathy Bozard; although the first date had to be postponed due to inclement weather, our follow-up weekend went on without a glitch. With Mark Williams skid-steer and Ken Johnson behind the controls, short work was made of cleaning up all the debris on the beach. I want to thank all the volunteers who came out to clean the beach, spread mulch, stain the deck, plant new flowers and get our community ready for summer! Now we can all get ready for the pool to open on May 22nd and the following Pool Opening Party on Saturday, May 29th. There will be a separate communication on the Pool Opening Party, but I can tell you that Crystal Leatherberry is putting together a memorable event for us all. Stay tuned for communications on the upcoming party as well as other events we have planned this year.

Pool Update
On the topic of our awesome Pool, I can’t thank Ed Siragusa enough for his relentless efforts to get the pool opened on time, and to his satisfaction. The resurfacing project from last year had some faults which fortunately enough for us the company honored their warranty and resurfaced the pool. I would be lying if I said we weren’t a little anxious about this project being completed on time, but it is now completed and looks wonderful. In addition to the re-resurfacing we’ve reinforced the steel on the tall diving board platform as well as purchased and installed a new board. Ed has also gotten a new base for the low board so this summer we will have both boards operable for Clint’s enjoyment. On May 4th the pool memo went out via email and is also posted on the kiosk at the entrance to the lake/pool. Please refer to it on the modified pool rules. This year we are opening the interior bathrooms for use this summer as well as limiting guests to 4 per household. As a community we all did a great job enjoying the pool while being conscious of the threats COVID 19 could bring and I anticipate we will have another great season at the pool this year.

Clubhouse Rentals
The clubhouse has also undergone a few minor repairs. Working with Mary Hay we are getting ready to start renting out the clubhouse as mentioned earlier. The rental agreement will be modified so that we can continue to accommodate rentals, but still protect our members health as well as our general liability. As part of the agreement we are limiting certain areas that can be used during rental. We have also contracted a new cleaning agency that will incorporate a COVID Deep Clean after each rental to ensure our safety as well as help protect ourselves from any liability. The fee of the deep clean will be passed along to the renter. More information will be coming out soon but if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Mary or myself.

Thank You to The Previous CLCA Leadership Team
In closing I would like to thank Darrell Bernardo, Libby Williams, Paul Harris and Steven Putman for their service to the community. Our neighborhood is in outstanding shape, the transition of roles has been very smooth, and I foresee continued improvements and enjoyment out of all that Cardinal Lake has to offer. Thank you all for your contributions.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time. Thank you, see you at the lake!

Marty Story
President, CLCA

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