The 2021 Pool Season is upon us. We are all looking forward to a safe and enjoyable season, but this year will be quite different. We are very concerned for the health and safety of our members, and our focus will be on the pool area and all touch-points within the pool area. Here is the list of rules and regulations we will follow until further notice:

If you or your family are symptomatic of anything (cold, cough, fever, general malaise) then please stay away.
The responsibility to stay safe is yours; you are responsible for you, your family, and your guests (we are limiting guests to two per household).

If it is determined you are acting in a manner that may endanger other guests you will be removed and your access suspended.

Per CDC recommendations, our pool area can only be at about 25% capacity. We’re talking about 60 or so people inside the pool gate at any one time. We’d like you and your family to enjoy the pool in 2 hour increments if the pool is at capacity. Cardinal Lake is unique, in that, we have the beach, the lake, the lower deck area, the picnic, and new deck area to set up and enjoy the days ahead.

There will be NO pool chairs available inside the pool area. Seating within the pool area is BYO Chairs. No plopping down your stuff for the whole day, you can establish an area outside the pool if you intend to stay all day, then use the pool when you want too. But for 2 hour increments. You can bring in chairs and establish a seating area that is at least 6 feet from any other seating area. If the pool is at or near capacity, your time within the pool area will be limited to the 2 hour increment so that other members may enjoy the pool.

Seating areas will be available on the lower deck, picnic areas, and the beach and these can be used as available.
We will open one and only one bathroom to limit touch-points and to manage an aggressive cleaning schedule. Anyone who uses the bathroom will be responsible for disinfecting all touch-points after use. This includes your children. Sanitizing Stations will be provided for the bathroom and also various areas around the pool and clubhouse.

We realize this will be challenging and at times, restrictive, but we are relying on our membership to make it through this pandemic together. We will have a great summer and we will have the opportunity to enjoy our community and our newly renovated pool.

Thank you for your support!
CLCA Board of Directors