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Property Maintenance Ordinance

Gwinnett County

Planning & Development

Junk vehicle, front yard parking or parking on any unpaved surface.

More than 8 individuals related by blood or marriage or unrelated residing in a single dwelling unit.

Grass and weeds over 12” high.

Outdoor storage of appliances, building materials or rubbish, etc. on premises for 24 hours (exempts cut wood, neatly stacked no more than 3 ft. in height for the homeowner’s personal use).

Tree stumps greater than 12 inches in height above ground level shall not be permitted or maintained on any premises for more than 14 days after the tree has been cut.

Stagnant water in swimming pools conducive to the breeding or harboring of mosquitoes or other insects.

Quality of Life / Code Enforcement

Main: 770.513.5020
Fax: 770.513.5003
Hotline for complaints: 770.513.5004

For other phone numbers, visit Gwinnett County online.

For non-emergency reports please call the Gwinnett County Police: 770-513-5100.

For EMERGENCY call 911.